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What are the advantages of plywood?

1. Plywood is a commonly used material in furniture and one of the three major artificial panels. Plywood, also known as plywood, is a multi-layer material composed of veneers, usually grouped vertically according to the grain direction of adjacent veneers.

2. Plywood is not only suitable for cabinets, tables and chairs in panel furniture; it is also suitable for wall skirts, floor linings, etc. in interior decoration; and product packaging.

3. Plywood has the advantages of small deformation and good cross-grain tensile strength. It is widely used in decorative board bottom boards, panel furniture back boards and other parts.

4. Bonding strength, also called bonding strength. Bonding strength refers to the shearing and damage of the adhesive layer through tensile load under external action. Plywood with unqualified bonding strength is prone to degluing and delamination during use. The gluing strength test is an important test method that reflects the gluing quality of plywood.

Finally, when we purchase plywood, we must pay attention to check whether each piece of plywood has bubbles, cracks, wormholes, damage, stains, defects, and repair stickers that are too large. If this is the case, it indicates the quality of the board. No, you must choose carefully.

Post time: Apr-02-2024